Shiva Trust's
Wadala-Mahadev, Shrirampur
Approved by: Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and Medical Education & Drugs Department of Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai
Affiliated to: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai

Lab –

1) Anatomy Lab
2) Nutrition Lab
3) Community Lab
4) Foundation Lab
5) Audio-Visual Room
6) Midwifery & Gynecological Lab
7) Multipurpose Hall (Seminar Hall)
8) Library

Area –

33.68 – Sq/mt
362.47 –Sq/ft

Seating Capacity –

Reading room -200 Students


1) No subtending of the books borrowed from the Library is permitted.
2) Books and other materials that have been issued out of the library are liable to be recalled at any time and when so recalled they must be returned at once.
3) Reading room facility will be denied to those who will not have identity Cards.
4) Issuing Reference Books for Reference Purpose Reference books will not be issued out of library. Such books are to be referred in the library only.If any member borrows such book for reference purpose it is to be returned on the same day.
5) Loss of Books

In case journal (Bound) is lost by the borrower he has to replace it or if a loose issue of a journal is lost, the borrower has to makes good such loss, failing which the whole set will have to be replaced by the borrower.

6) However, if such a journal is found to be out of print & hence cannot be replaced in such a case the original price of journal as per record will have to be paid by the borrower.
7) No tracing or mechanical reproduction,underlining, taking out of the pages from the books, disfiguring of the books should be made. In such cases the member will have to replace the book or will have to pay the current prices.
8) Every member entering the library will sign his/her own name in register kept at the gate counter.
9) The biologics of the members such as his/her own books, umbrella, hat bag, purse etc. should be kept at the counter.
10) Smoking, conversation and similar objectionable practices are forbidden in the library premises.
11) The librarian is empowered to see that the proper discipline and silence is maintained in the library and in the event of the violation the rules of the library the librarian is empowered to request the person concerned to leave the premise of the library immediately and report the name of person to the Principal.
12) The librarian reserves the right to all back any book/journal from the borrower even before due date in case of necessity.

Subject wise Book List:-

Sr_No SubjectTotal Books
7Nursing Foundation
12Community Health Nursing
13Communication & Education Technology
14Medical – Surgical Nursing
15 Child Health Nursing
16 Mental Health Nursing
17 Maternal & Child Health Nursing
18 Nursing Administration & Management
19 Nursing Research
20 Question Banks